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A Pragmatic approach to API design – Lessons from building our API platform

Our version 1 API set was launched 4 years ago and since then we have learned quite a bit on designing, sustaining and supporting these APIs for our growing developer community and eco system. We want to share our experience and also what our v2 APIs looks like. We have covered the API authentication in …

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API Authentication Frameworks

As we move our APIs to version 2 and launch an app marketplace, we looked at some robust options for authentication and authorization. Our current model of account based API authentication using an API key pair (API key and API secret that gets generated and assigned for every Zoom account) has some inherent issues. Let’s …

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A Brief Look at Zoom Account Structures

We get frequent questions about Zoom account models since the APIs are built around it. It will be helpful as developers to understand how this works internally. Every Zoom account is identified through an account id that is generated when the account is created. There are two types of accounts that can be created in …

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