Live Streaming to 3rd party platforms – Now “Live” in Zoom Marketplace

August 27, 2018

We are happy to announce that you can now integrate live streaming of Zoom meetings and webinar to any 3rd party streaming or content platforms similar to the native integration that we have done with Facebook Workplace and YouTube.  The use cases for receiving the live stream from Zoom is not just restricted to expanding the audience pool. We have heard from our customers that they want to do analytics on the video stream to gauge participant engagement or extract the audio stream, perform speech to text and then analyze the speech for a number of use cases including predictive analytics for a sales call.

Let's get into the details of integrating and use our platform for live streaming. The basic first step is to create an account level Zoom marketplace app.  Check our docs on how to go about doing that. The streaming APIs are supported only through our marketplace through oAuth tokens.

  • Registering for the streaming

The streaming needs to be enabled on a per meeting basis.  Depends on your app workflow, you can either poll our meeting APIs to check when a meeting is scheduled by an user in that account or register for the start_meeting webhook in the marketplace to get notification on all the meetings that gets started in that account.


Regardless of the method, once your app has the meeting id, you can call the livestream API to create that stream.  "stream_url" is the RTMP URL of the stream (that you will get from your streaming server such as rtmp://) and "stream_key" is the stream key that you should get from your RTMP service.


  • Start and Stop the live stream

You can use the following API to start and stop live stream from your app.

That's it for now but one thing to note. There is a account level and user level setting that needs to be enabled by the user. There is no API for doing this now and we will be releasing that by October. Until then, you need to ask the account admins to enable the live stream setting before you use these APIs to control the streaming.


Thiya Ramalingam
Thiya heads the platforms, integrations, product partnerships and private cloud engineering @ Zoom. Thiya is a published author, speaker and has several issued patents in the collaboration space.