Node.js Library for Zoom API

June 19, 2017


Announcing the release of the Zoom API Library for Node.js. Utilizing the node library allows for rapid development in your Node.js applications.

Getting Started

You can view the the source code on GitHub. Getting started is as easy as installing any other node package.

npm install zoomus

After installing the package all you need to do is initialize Zoom passing in your API key and secret.

var Zoom = require(“zoomus”)({
 key: “YOUR_API_KEY”,
 secret: “YOUR_API_SECRET”

From there you can use the built in methods to perform the required actions within the Zoom API.

//create a user
var user = {
 email: “”,
 type: 1
Zoom.user.create(user, function(res){
 //handle errors
 } else {
 //do something with the response
 var createdUser = res;

Examples for all of the provided methods can found in the Zoom API documentation.

We believe that the Zoom API Library for Node.js will help you while you build your node applications faster and easier. Please join us in our developer community and let us know any feedback you might have. Develop Happy!

Thiya Ramalingam
Thiya heads the platforms, integrations, product partnerships and private cloud engineering @ Zoom. Thiya is a published author, speaker and has several issued patents in the collaboration space.