Webinar recording: Zoom Room automation options

August 2, 2018

Zoom held a Zoom Rooms Integrator Training Webinar on August 2, 2018. The presentation included a section on the ZR-CSAPI that focused on Zoom Room automation, at the 0:20:45 mark. You can watch it here.

We went over the two major options for Zoom Room integration with automation controllers:

  • Crestron TSW page-flipping: The TSW runs the Android Zoom Room Controller, and can page-flip back to the Crestron app for environmental controls.
  • A custom configuration using the ZR-CSAPI, with a user experience designed by the integrator.

For the fully custom option, integrators should follow this basic connection diagram:

Integrators can start now using the ZR-CSAPI version 1.0, and later make use of new 1.1 fixes and feature we have planned for Mac and Windows Zoom Rooms.

scott firestone
Scott is a senior software architect at Zoom and has extensive experience in collaboration and video platforms. Scott is a published co-author of "voice and video conferencing fundamentals" and has also authored several patents in the collaboration space.