Zoom Marketplace

May 24, 2018

A lot of great things have happened since our last post on this blog. We have reached a significant milestone of releasing our marketplace framework.  If you are an app developer or another service using Zoom meetings, you can now publish your app for Zoom customers to use. Even if you are using our REST APIs for internal consumption, you can migrate that to marketplace and have the option of not making it visible to everyone but still be able to get an install URL for internal distribution. Check out the documentation and visit  https://marketplace.zoom.us

Once approved by Zoom, your app/connector will be visible to all of our customers to authorize and start using it. It's a great opportunity to expose your own platform and/or monetize.

This is a full stack framework built with complete end user authentication. Our event notification framework has been expanded as well.  We are working with select partners to get their connectors and apps launched in our marketplace soon. We are working on exposing the messaging APIs and that will also be available in our marketplace very soon for you to be able to build messaging apps.

If you are a developer interested in migrating your existing integration to our marketplace or would like to develop a new app, get in touch with us at marketplace-beta@zoom.us and our team will help review the workflows and start the process.

We will post more details on potential connectors and apps that our customers are asking for. In order to provide a consistent and reliable end user experience, your app will go through Zoom approval process including security testing and workflow validations.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions, comments or feedback on either of these e-mails:

Technical help, API or authentication questions: marketplace-support@zoom.us

Business questions, approvals, submissions, workflow validations: marketplace-beta@zoom.us

Thiya Ramalingam
Thiya heads the platforms, integrations, product partnerships and private cloud engineering @ Zoom. Thiya is a published author, speaker and has several issued patents in the collaboration space.