Zoom SDKs powering video collaboration in IBM Watson

March 13, 2018

Over the last year, our engineering teams have been working closely with IBM Watson collaboration teams to embed highly optimized Zoom cross platform SDKs and our version 2 APIs into IBM Watson workspace plus. We are thrilled to see this released  this week. It has been a pleasure to work closely with David Brooks and his team. This close collaboration between our teams has helped us to extend our SDKs, make it more flexible and adaptable across a spectrum of use cases and also accelerate the delivery of new features.

Watson Workspace plus is using our Electron interface on Windows and MAC. We have recently launched the 64 bit MAC version and the 64 bit Windows SDK to follow very soon.

Our SDKs comes at no additional cost. A basic paid license will get you access to all of it. We want to power every real time collaboration workflow with Zoom embedded and it's a breeze to integrate them in your desktop or mobile apps.

Check out our SDKs or reach us out in the forums if you have questions.


Thiya Ramalingam
Thiya heads the platforms, integrations, product partnerships and private cloud engineering @ Zoom. Thiya is a published author, speaker and has several issued patents in the collaboration space.