1. Configuration

Minimum supported Android OS version

Android 4.0 +


armeabi-v7a and above.

For x86, it can be supported via Intel ARM binary translator (Houdini). But your app should not contain other x86 targeted native binaries.

  1. In order for the app to run on x86, all the binary files in your app should target on ARM, binary translator will translate them to support x86.
  2. If your app contains other binary files that target on x86, you should delete those files to remain only ARM targets. Because on x86 devices, if an app have binary files target on x86, it also should have the file that target on ARM. Because Zoom Android SDK does not contains any x86 binaries, so other files also can’t have binaries that target on x86 in order for the SDK to run.
  3. The ARM binary translator works at run time, not at compile time.

2. Build example projects

  • Change constants values defined in src/us/zoom/sdkexample/Constants.java to your values.
  • Get the SDK key and secret by signing into your account

  • Get the “id” and the “token” values from the return JSON blob
  • if you are using Android Studio as the IDE:
    • cd zoom-mobilertc-android-studio
    • gradlew.bat example:assembleDebug