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Zoom’s Official API Documentation is now hosted on GitHub
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Getting Started with the Zoom API

Zoom exposes REST interfaces which allows the developers and solution providers to manage meetings, users, recordings, settings and get usage reports. These APIs will be useful when, you as a solution provider, build your own web portal to front end Zoom services and present as a login point to your end users.

These management APIs are auto-enabled if you have a paid Zoom account. If you don’t have a zoom account, go ahead and create a free account.

Zoom API allows you to manage:

  • Users
  • Meetings
  • Reports
  • Groups
  • IM Groups
  • Cloud Recordings (Business and Education)
  • Webinars
  • Sub-Accounts

Quick Start

  • Sign up for a free trial, Pro, Business or API per minute subscription. If you already have a zoom license, you have full access to the developer platform.
  • Get your API key pair from here. You can re-generate a new API secret at any time.
  • Use API to create a user if your account has the privilege to provisioning user.
  • Use API to create a meeting for that user. If success, you will get a start meeting URL like and a join meeting URL without token, like
  • Now you can open a new browser window to launch to start meeting. Zoom will handle the client download, installation and launching.
  • Anybody who gets the join meeting URL can open it in a browser and join the meeting.