Threading Model

The Electron SDK supports both thread-safe mode and non thread-safe mode. We recommend you call zoom sdk APIs in main UI thread for thread safe operation.

SDK Functions


You can find these APIs in zoom_sdk.js and main.js.

Initialize zoom sdk


Cleanup zoom sdk before you exit your application


Authentication Service

  • Authenticate using the account credentials

The app should do authentication first when it starts to use zoom sdk. ¬†zoom_auth.js is included zoom_sdk.js. The app key/secret is available in your account. If you want your app to initialize the SDK as an end user through the users Zoom username/password, skip this flow and go to “Authenticate¬†using the end user credentials”.

The following code creates authentication service after SDK is ready.


Check for call back result:


  • Authenticate using the end user credentials

Login as end user

Check login return call back value:

Meeting Service

Zoom meeting service lets the app start and join meetings. If you want to use this service, include zoom_meeting.js. The overall work flow is following:

Get meeting service after authentication success

Start meeting

Join meeting

Leave meeting