Error Codes

The stack might return errors in the call backs or as return values. Here’s the list – if you get an error code, just cross check here to see the semantics of the error and what can be done about it.

Description Error code Mitigation
Success – request is successful 0 None
Incorrect meeting number 1 check the meeting id and start/join again
Meeting timeout 2 None
Network unavailable – zoom stack has failed to connect to the meeting in case of a network error 3 Leave and Join again
Meeting client incompatible with the cloud 4 Contact support if you see this repeatedly. Make sure to use the latest stack version
Meeting is at capacity 5 None
Meeting has ended – if you try to start or join a meeting that has ended already 6 Create another meeting
Meeting does not exist 7 Check the meeting id
Meeting is locked – trying to join a locked meeting 8 None
Meeting is restricted – trying to join a restricted meeting 9 None
JBH restricted 10 None
Invalid arguments 99 Check the app code
Invalid user type 100 Check the app code
Already in another meeting – app is trying to join or start a meeting while in another meeting 101 None
Internal error 102 Contact support if you see this consistently