Using the iOS MobileRTCTM Stack

The MobileRTC.framework directory contains the Zoom MobileRTCTM Stack.

The Zoom iOS MobileRTCTM Stack requires Xcode 7 or higher.


In order to use the SDK, you need to make sure that the RETS API and the SDK is enabled in your account. If not, please contact your account admin.

The Zoom iOS MobileRTCTM requires the following frameworks:

  • MobileRTC.framework
  • MobileRTCResources.bundle
  • libsqlite3.tbd
  • libstdc++.6.0.9.tbd
  • libz.1.2.5.tbd
  • VideoToolbox.framework

Get the SDK key/secret from here

Depends on what your apps authentication option is, you might need to use the REST APIs to get the user id and user token. If your app is authenticating users with zoom user name and password, then you can ignore this step.

Please note that we do not support bitcode. Our stack is heavily optimized and we will not be able to provide bitcode builds.