Error Codes

The stack might return errors in the call backs or as return values. Here’s the list – if you get an error code, just cross check here to see the semantics of the error and what can be done about it.

Description Error code Mitigation
Success – request is successful 0 None
Network unavailable – Zoom client engine cannot connect to Zoom cloud 1 Prompt the user to check the internal network
Reconnect Failure – zoom stack has failed to connect again to the meeting in case of a network error 2 Leave and Join again
MMR error – this is an internal zoom cloud service issue 3, 11 Contact support if you see this repeatedly. If not, just leave and join meeting again
Password error – end user password passed on to the stack is incorrect 4 Prompt to get the right password
Error in start or join meeting calls 5 None
Meeting has ended – if you try to start or join a meeting that has ended already 6 Create another meeting
Meeting has not started yet – if you try to join a meeting that has join before host disabled 7 None. Just wait for the host to join
Meeting does not exist – check the meeting id 8 None
Meeting is at capacity 9 None
SDK version number has been deprecated 10 This will be an unlikely error but make sure that you are running the recent versions of the stack
Meeting has been locked – you are trying to join a locked meeting 12 Prompt the user
Meeting is restricted – you are trying to join a restricted meeting 13 Prompt the user
Join before host is restricted 14 None
Failed to send creating meeting request to the cloud 15 Typically, a network error – retry
Client identity token has expired 16, 17, 18 Contact Zoom support
Webinar registration is at capacity – new registrations cannot be accepted 19 None
Failed to write to config file 50 File system error – If you see this consistently, check the folder permissions
Internal error codes 100, 101 Contact Zoom support if you see this repeatedly