Version 2 Web hooks

We have recently launched v2 of our web hook framework. v2 has participant join and leave notifications and also provide APIs for subscription, updates and deletes. v2 web hooks uses the same API key and jwt as in other Zoom v2 APIs.

Generate authorization in header

Most programming languages encode the authorization header automatically. With HTTP Basic Authentication, the Authorization header is a string containing a Base-64 encoded username and password. Zoom Webhooks also supports HTTP Basic Authentication, you can specify the username and password when enabling push notification subscription.

"Authorization": "Basic " + base64_encode(username + ":" + password)

To Enable Push Notifications

Go to Credential page and click Enable Push Notifications.

Enabling V2 web hooks

  • Go to and enable web hooks (if it’s not enabled on your account)
  • Use the following API to enable V2 web hooks on your account  (“version”: “v2”)

Get a list of V2 web hooks

Create V2 web hooks

You can subscribe to more than one event with a single call. “url” is the call back URL for the event notification.

Update V2 web hooks

Delete V2 web hook

Event Notifications

Please refer to our webhook section of our API spec.