Note: Zoom does not actively enhance the interfaces in the c# wrapper. This wrapper is provided as a reference and will not be actively supported by Zoom. We have published the source code for this wrapper in git and are relying on our developer community to enhance it as needed. Please make sure that you commit the code changes back to git.

The wrapper Dll located at zoom_sdk_csharp_wrap_github\bin\zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap.dll, now Zoom C# wrapper only support x86.

  1. Download Zoom windows sdk and Unzip.
  2. Download Zoom C# wrap and Unzip.
  3. Copy ‘h’ folder in windows sdk to ‘zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap’ folder in C# wrap.

4. Copy all files of ‘bin’ folder in windows sdk to ‘bin’ folder in C# wrap

5. Goto the ‘zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap’ folder, open the zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap.sln via VS2015

6. Change project setting to build and run

7. Source code for the wrapper is available in the ‘zoom_sdk_c_sharp_wrap’ directory of the git repo